New Semester, New Goals

On January 7, 2013 students at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville returned to campus to complete the 2nd semester of the 2012-2013 academic school year. the campus library, fitness center, university center and campus cafeteria was filled with students after a long 3 week break from campus.  Some students are happy to be done with the fall semester and some students wish the semester didn’t end.  New challenges are brought upon students with the difficulty of their course working increasing but everyday they are moving closer to their dreams of being successful after college.  personally i am ready to be back in school because the 2nd semester is where I do my best work school wise. Spring semester goes by extremely fast and it means that summer vacation  is right around the corner.  a new semester means new students in classes and an opportunity to meet new people who you have never seen around on campus.  When looking for jobs it’s not what you know but who you know and the person sitting next to you in class could be your future boss. With great opportunity comes great expectation and I don’t think anyone could expect anything but the best from the students.


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